Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2019 / Vårutställning 2019



Student images

At the student pages you can download images for press use.

Press release

Press Information in English (pdf)
Pressinformation på svenska (pdf)

Press images

The curators Emily Fahlén and Asrin Haidari, JPG, 19MB (Photo: Märta Thisner)
Emily Fahlén and Asrin Haidari


The designers Jennifer Bergkvist and Moa Sundkvist, JPG, 7MB
Jennifer Bergkvist and Moa Sundkvist


Vice-Chancellor Maria Lantz, TIF, 16MB
Maria Lantz


Exhibition poster 2019, JPG, 1MB
Exhibition poster 2019

If you are publishing a press image, please inform us about:

– The student’s name
– The title of the image/images

The photographer’s name must always be given in connection with publication. Otherwise write “Konstfack”.

Also, please notify us by email about where and when press material is used; susanne.helgeson@konstfack.se.

More information

For further information contact Susanne Helgeson by phone +46 70 850 15 40 or susanne.helgeson@konstfack.se.